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Antique Buddha Statue

Palmtree Wooden Container

Anglo Indian Display Object

Brutalist antique Oak Table

Vintage pair of Table Lamps

Brutalist antique French Table

Set Of 3 Khmer Vases

Wooden brutalist Sofa Table

Vintage Pair of Plexi Table Lamps

Set Of 3 Khmer Vases

Brown Terracotta Bowl

Antique English Mirror

Pair of Loyd Loom Chairs

Primitive antique English Chair

Shell on Stand

Ethnical Object from Papua New Guinea

Vintage Wooden Chopboard

Coco de Mer

Vintage metal Tripod Side Table

XL Green glazed French Kitchen Bowl

Pair of Louis XVI Chairs

Terracotta Skull

Composition in a Bell glass

Elegant Candle made of Deer Horns

Spanish Terracotta Urn

French Brutalist Vigneron Table

African Necklace in bone

Terracotta object

Brutalist Sofa Table in Lycheewood

Spanish brutalist Shephards table

Big XXl brutalist Sofa Table

Antique Dutch round Table

Metal Green colored Chandelier

Vintage Flower garden recipient

Pair of Earrings in Rock Crystal

Antique Table on 2 Trestles

African Hat from Congo

Wooden Hart

Contemporary Globe

Antique,brutalist Monastery Table from Italy

Antique,original French one-seater Sofa

African Mask Makonde

Pair of Industrial Spanish Stools

Set of 4 Australian Antique Boomerangs

Antique Spanish Table

English Antique Tobacco Pot

Industrial Elm Stool

Wooden Maitrise of a Kiosk

Plaster foot

Taxidermy of a Galloway Beef

English antique Sofa Table

Exceptional Xl Sofa Table

Life-Size Taxidermy Zebra

White Ducks

Berber Wooden plate

Victorian Rotating Library Chair

Spanish Walnut Cabinet

Berber Terracotta Jar

Catalan Farmers Bench

Antique Italian Chair

Large Taxidermy of a Bizon

Pair of English Chesterfield Sofas

Contemporary Plaster Hand

Contemporary, Brutalist Wooden Sculpture

Colombine Cup In Solid Silver

Berber Necklace

Louis XIII Armchair

Antique English Tripod Table

Antique English Tavern Table

A miniature of a Lobster

Coco de Mer

Pair of Antique Obelisque Columns

A white Coral Branch

Exceptional Pair of Industrial Wooden Brutalist Sofa Tables

Exceptional Decorative French Table made of Branches

Pair of French Antique Jardinieres

French Antique Vigneron Table

Pair Of Antique Footstools

Antique Santos from The Philippines

Pair of Butterfly Chairs

Antique Brutalist ,Rustic Spanish Farm Table

Elegant Antique Brutalist and Rustic Spanish Table

Exceptional XXL Spanish Farm Table

Antique Brutalist Table

Brutalist Table in Elm Wood

French Neoclassical Chest

Antique Spanish Terracotta Urn

Antique brutalist Wooden Bench from Spain

Alabaster Grapes from Italy, Medium dimension

Alabaster Grapes from Italy, Medium dimension

Alabaster Grapes from Italy, XL dimension

Alabaster Grapes from Italy

Alabaster Grapes from Italy

Alabaster Grapes from Italy

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

Architectural Model of a Roof

French Antique Patinated Cupboard

Antique Wooden Frame

Exceptional Antique Marble Mortar

French Commode, 18th Century

French Commode, 18th Century

French Commode ,19 th Century

Pair of Antique and Rustic Drapiers Tablesched Pine Wood

Antique,Rustic Blond Oak Bookcase

Antique Spanish Bench from the Catalan Region

Oval Belgian Dining Table

Contemporary Table in Rosewood

Pair of Wooden Coffeetables

African Wooden Bowl with 2 handles

Vintage African Mask

African Wooden Bowl

Metal African Currency Object

Metal African Currency Object

Set of 3 Palmtree Containers

Contemporary Seating Set

Alabaster Grapes from Italy

Set of 3 African Rattan Baskets

Spanish Gothic Coffer

Pair of Italian little Cupboards

Alabaster Grapes from Italy

Mahogany Bookstand from France

Large Alabaster Bunch Of Grapes

Set of 3 YUA rings made out of the Shell Tridacna Gigas

Antique Burmese Buddha in Wood

Antique,Brutalist Spanish Trunk in Chestnut Wood

Stone Fossil mounted as a Metal Lamp

Antique Bracelet in Shell

Set of Saw Fish Teeth

Set of 4 Skulls

Precolombian Death Masque

Set Of 4 Corals

Chinese Antique Sculptured Stone Head

Free Mason Throne

Chinese Wooden Basket

Pair of French Wall Lamps

Pair of Antique Girondolles

Chinese Wooden Basket

Brutalist Bleached Coffeetable

Pair of Money Exchange Objects from Papua New Guinea

Set Of Tibetan Exchange Objects

Terracotta Jar

Terracotta Tazza

Wooden Guilded Box,18 th Century

Wooden Maitrise of York Cathedral, England,19 th Century

Two Necklaces in Mother of Pearl

Wooden Maitrise from France

Vintage Italian Round Marqueterie Table

Set of Tribal Earrings

Pair of Antique Brass Candle Sticks

Antique,Rustic Spanish Coffer

17 Th Century Wooden Christ from the South Of Spain

Antique Spanish Brutalist Farm Table

Set of an Armchair and 3 Poufs in Louis XIII Style

Antique Italian Console from Rome ,Italy

Antique Sea Corals on a Wooden Stand

Pair of French Planters,France,1970

Antique Italian Wooden Statue-Mannequin

Knoll Sofa in an Orange Velvet

Decoratieve Spanish Round Table

Spanish Coffer in Bleached Walnut

Memento Mori, Wooden Skull,1920

Sea Coral On Stand

Wooden Hand Of Mannequin

Wooden Pharmacie Pot

Collection of Glazed Terracotta Elephants

Wooden Italian Press

Antique Flemish Vitrine, 18 th Century

Set of 6 Swedish Patinated Green Chairs

Antique Glazed Terracotta Jar

Set of 3 Glazed Terracotta Jars

Set of 3 Wooden Blocks

Antique Indian Marble Recipient

Set of 3 Painted Wooden Garden Planters

Chinese Glazed Terracotta Vase

Coco De Fesses

French Brutalist Refectory Table

Antique Terracotta Vase from Iran

Antique Copper Couscous Pot

Set of 4 Wooden Objects

Antique Bronze Buddha Head

Pair of Wooden Planters

Set of 3 Vintage Candlesticks

Pair of Vintage Bamboo Settees

Pair of Brutalist Footstools/Tabourets

Antique Table in Ash and Elm Wood

Pair of Boxwood Gobelets

Round Wooden Stools-Tables

Brutalist Elm Coffeetable

Weathered Wooden Elm Stools-Tables

Two Stone Objects from Papua New Guinea

French Industrial Table