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Abbeloos Didier transformed his passion into a profession, namely dealing in antiques. Behind the façade of this former mayor residence in Schellebelle, you will find a collection of superb antiques and antiqueries from the East and West.

Didier  also presents the Artworks of Lidia Masllorens, a Spanish contemporary Artist.

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13/04/2024 — 30/06/2024

we're open from 14.00 - 18.00

New Arrivals
Round Terracotta Pot
Antique Farmers Table
Animal Sculpture in Cast Iron
Round Terracotta Pot
Antique Farmers Table

Dive into the lookbook of Didier Abbeloos and discover the limitless possibilities of interior design.
His beautifully curated home serves as a constantly evolving showcase, inspiring all styles and tastes.

Immerse yourself in the world of design and find the perfect touch for your own space.

Lídia's Masllorens work

The portraits are painted with black acrylic, which is then removed and washed with a mixture of water and bleach.

Nikolaos Schizas

Nikolaos is born in Kastoria, a small town in the north Greece. From my early childhood and being dyslexic, I was looking for different means to express myself but what made me feel happy and more connected with myself was painting.


Trying to remove the theoretical halo of abstraction, a formal level, find in it the synthesis, the vital of what surrounds us. We find in this direction another way to understand and relate to our environment, to decipher it and transcribe it in a subjective way about the support.