about Nikolaos SChizas

Nikolaos Schizas was born in Kastoria Greece, a small town in the north of Greece. From his early childhood, being dyslexic, he looked for different means to express himself but what made him feel happy and more connected with himself was painting. However, he studied economics as it would be an easier professional path. Nikolaos started painting more professionally 13 years ago when he was living in Bucharest, but he has been working fully professionally as an artist for the last 4 years.

His technique was being evolved simultaneously with his psychotherapeutic process. He was looking for ways to express all these suppressed emotions and feelings that he had been holding onto. His first collection was called “rage,” and it communicated all the rage he had inside him that he had never managed to express before.

He never plans his paintings before he executes the brushstrokes on the canvas. Once he arrives at his studio, Nikolaos Schizas puts all the canvases on the floor and tries to extract unconscious feelings. This is the moment in his life where he feels totally free, without judgement, obligation, and stereotypes. This is him, fully connected with his inner center.

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