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Born in 1967 in Caldes de Malavella and graduated in Fine Arts at Barcelona University in 1991, Lidia Masllorens is a Spanish painter who was exhibited regularly in Spain since 1991. Now she begins an international career.

The portraits are painted with black acrylic, which is then removed and washed with a mixture of water and bleach. This technique allows for the beautiful colour palette that sets her work apart; with shades from pink to white and from black to grey. 

Lídia’s strokes are sharp and quick, which causes many losses and failures when paired with the destructive nature of bleach and the unpredictable behaviour of water. Lídia embraces her unique spin on the watercolour technique. She wants the paper to suck up the water so it can warp and bend, the water to run down the canvas, the paint to degrade and her strokes to crumble under the bleach.

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Lídia Masllorens’ current project is to create the archetypal, contemporary portrait. Her large, confrontational works radiate a strong presence and demand attention. They exude dynamism and a remarkable vitality. Remarkable in part because these works are made on paper, using a subtractive technique, rather than additive.